Five ideas on how videos can be used for your own app

Mobile video usage has reached a record level today. Today, more than 60% of all videos worldwide are used on a mobile device (source Ooyala Global Video Index Report). Ascending trend! As a content format, videos are no longer indispensable only for young target groups. They have long since arrived in the mainstream of all age groups. No wonder that videos are also becoming increasingly important in internal communication today – especially when it comes to digital channels such as the intranet or app.

Regardless of whether it is cute cat videos, a live event or a demo because of the climate crisis – users often prefer to consume videos rather than running text. After all, it is practical and convenient to watch moving pictures on your smartphone, especially on the go. Forecasts predict that users will increase the daily dose of mobile video even further by 2021. Namely by almost 860 percent!

Reason enough to take a closer look at the topic in the context of your own employee communication. For many, video is quickly associated with effort and complexity in production. But this has also changed a long time ago thanks to smartphone technology. It has never been so easy to produce and distribute attractive video content.

In this blog post, we therefore want to summarize some tips and ideas for use in your own employee app

Videos convey positive emotions

Videos are often much better at conveying emotions as part of internal messages. This is particularly suitable for the communication of the top management towards the workforce. While writing often comes across as boring and dry, a short speech can convey a lot more. It can motivate you much more. It can convey praise, passion and commitment much better. And you can leave a smile too.

Video message from Mercedes Benz at the end of the year

A well-known and beautiful example is the video message from Dieter Zetsche from Mercedes Benz. It is aimed at all employees and does not take itself and the whole thing too seriously. This not only attracts attention, but also creates sympathy and closeness.

Modern smartphones deliver great quality

The production of such a video does not have to be associated with great effort. New smartphone generations have been improving for years in one area in particular: in terms of photo and video quality!

While smartphone videos were often frowned upon in the past, their quality is now absolutely professional. Smartphones with a high-resolution 4k camera are standard today. Additional features such as image stabilizers mean that recordings are now at a top level even under difficult conditions. And if you want it to be really professional, you can invest some money in additional hardware. The offer is huge and for less than 100 EUR you can get useful tools for mobile video production depending on the application. Ultimately, it is only because of your own creativity – the technology provides everything that is necessary even for beginners.

A highly recommended blog post on the topic of video production with a smartphone can be found here.

The good thing about mobile video production: Your tchop employee app allows you to upload videos directly from your smartphone in just a few steps! Directly from the video library or in the app. For example, you can use one of the popular video production apps to create the video, then edit and optimize the result in this app and then upload it directly to the tchop app in the last step.

A completely mobile, highly efficient workflow that can be easily used anywhere. Perfect for small teams too.

Smart networking with other communication activities

Video content should not and should not stand alone. It is very important to understand the format as part of an overall communication strategy. Videos can and should be integrated with other measures.

An example: Using a form in the app, you can collect employee questions on a current topic. These are then answered in a video by the board or a manager. This creates closer proximity to management and employees see that their suggestions get where they count.

In addition to classic text and image communication, new employees can be introduced with a short video. This gives a much better impression of new colleagues and is often simply fun. The same applies to birthdays or other anniversaries.

Videos complement the classic communication formats and often offer an alternative, more emotional way of reaching colleagues. Authenticity is often more important than the highly professional quality of the video itself.

Video as a corporate learning tool

In an increasingly complex world, knowledge transfer in the form of employee training courses, workshops and annual meetings is becoming increasingly important. As the saying goes: Knowledge is power. And know-how often brings decisive competitive advantages.

Employees need to know about the latest news, plans and developments. However, specific details relating to more safety and efficiency in the workplace (e.g. in connection with specific products or instruments) must also be learned and passed on quickly and efficiently in order to be able to act effectively.

This is where video content comes in! Because videos are often much better suited to transport complex content simply and above all clearly. Regardless of whether it is about introducing new employees, demonstrating certain processes and systems or introducing new company strategies – videos can often get this across better. ,

It is often worthwhile to create a place for practical how-to videos where employees can find these videos again at any time (e.g. in the form of a special mix).

Involve your employees

Creating and uploading videos is easy. And most of your employees (especially the younger ones) are used to dealing with it in times of social media anyway. It would be a shame if you didn’t use it for your own employee app and your own content. Often your own employees have the best, funniest and most effective ideas.

Use your own app in a targeted manner and animate the staff to upload videos on specific topics. Using the role and rights system, you can control exactly where which users can upload videos. You can then simply view these videos, put them in the right context, comment on them and publish them with just a few clicks.

Fixed formats can be developed from this, for example, in which employees introduce themselves and their team. Or by sharing practical ideas and suggestions from your everyday life with other parts. The possibilities for content are unlimited, especially since it is often much easier for employees to produce a short video than to write a sophisticated text. The success of videos in today’s mobile internet on platforms like TikTok or Instagram shows this impressively.

Videos in your own employee app have great potential! Talk to us if you are interested in more intensive use and further ideas.