The new Chat Promo option: The most important discussions always in view

Combining exciting content with interesting discussions is at the core of our platform. Now there is a new exciting way to combine the two. This feature has been developed with some customers, tested and we are now happy to roll this out to all customers with the next update.

The idea

The News Feed is the starting point of the app. This is where users* find the latest content right when they come into the app. While this is about content, the chats have so far taken place exclusively in the chat tab of the app. The badge allows users to see if there are any new messages. But it always takes one click or tab.

Another click or tab is needed to view the available public chat groups. Public chat groups have proven to be a very efficient way to structure the discussion around any topic. Every user can easily participate, ask questions, express opinions or just read along.

Many customers have therefore asked for a simpler way to promote these groups.

A prominent place in the newsfeed

You know this kind of module from other well-known apps. A “slider” that creates a way to scroll through a list of chats, stories or other content. Directly above the news feed – in the first, visible area. This quickly turned out to be the best idea and also proved itself in tests.

The good thing is that the module requires practically no additional effort, because it simply presents the public chat groups available in the respective channel in chronological order (based on creation date).

Users can simply open the chat, see the details and then decide to join (or not) the chat. It could hardly be simpler.

What’s more, in apps for end users, the module is also visible to users in the open area, i.e. it creates a very good incentive to sign up. Because only those who register can enter the chat.

Full control

The element can be switched on or off in the administration level of the organization with one click. Because often it is not always desired to promote chat groups so prominently. No app update is required to activate the module. It can be done with one click.

Where chats work particularly well

Our chat function offers a lot of interesting possibilities. No matter if it’s an employee app, a news or community app or any kind of special interest offer (read more about it here): Chat groups create a communication platform for community members among each other. But they are also suitable for sharing content, especially user-generated content.

Important: the right context and a clear focus. Especially in public chat groups with open user circles, it is important that it is clear what it is about (and what it is not about). It is often helpful to have a current context, a certain perspective. In many cases, such a chat is therefore also limited in time and can often be closed again after a short time.

We also recommend to test the module and to use it only for a limited time (see screenshot “Control option” above).

It is not necessarily about as many users as possible joining the chat. More important is the quality and relevance of the exchange in it, because only then the content is also exciting for people reading along. Chat groups with hundreds of users, on the other hand, tend to be chaotic.


The promotion of chat groups with this new module opens up completely new options for many customers and use cases. It can attract new user groups, get more users to sign up and ultimately participate. It strengthens diversity and exchange and actually does not require any additional work!

We admit: we are excited and look forward to your feedback!