Content und Community im eigenen News Feed verbinden

The essential difference between social media apps and classic news or media apps becomes obvious when you look at the most important area of these apps: the newsfeed! Classic content and news offerings still banish user comments and feedback to the end of the individual article. But you only get there at the very end! Not a nice place to be, when you actually want to value the best contributions and the most engaged users.

Facebook revolutionized this many years ago with a few simple tricks. In its own News Feed, there is not only a mixture of editorial content and user-generated content. The most interesting comments and user reactions are also highlighted directly below the content. Often, these are more exciting than the actual post and prompt a user to take a closer look and delve deeper.

At the same time, this presentation motivates users to comment and contribute themselves. After all, who likes to end up exclusively at the very end, when you have the chance to be displayed in the most prominent position – in the news feed?

Content, community and control

With the latest update we offer our customers the possibility to show the best comments and also the comments on these comments directly in the news feed below the content! Unlike Facebook, you have full control over which comments are displayed.

For the users, this not only offers the possibility to quickly capture the best comments. The displayed comments can also be “liked” directly. Or you can reply directly to them yourself. Prerequisite for this: the user must of course be logged in.

Either way, initial experience shows that feedback on the comment function with likes and replies has increased by up to 60% among customers who use this feature. In turn, more comments lead to better comments, which in turn produce greater added value for everyone in the News Feed.

Full editorial control

In the Dashboard, there are two ways to control exactly whether or which comments should be displayed directly below the map. This can be adjusted as a setting for all cards of the respective mix. The function is easily found in the header of the mix.

You can easily find the setting for the mix in the header

You can choose between three settings:

  • Display of the comment with the most likes
  • Display of the first comment
  • Manual selection of a comment

The manual selection gives you the possibility to highlight a particularly interesting comment in the news – including its replies – with one click. Of course, the automated selection of a comment in the case of the first two settings can be changed manually at any time.

So you can automatically highlight comments in the News Feed with little effort, or always manually if you choose. And offer your employees, fans or followers more than just editorial content.