We accompany you from the idea to the rollout of your employee app – a guide

Everyone is talking about the employee app. A company without such an app for its employees is often considered to have stood still and backward in the current era of digitisation in the area of ​​employee engagement and employer branding – attributes that hardly any company would like to carry with them. For this reason, many communication departments of the local companies make a decision: We need an employee app.

A decision that is usually not only associated with costs, but also with effort. Effort in an area that is usually not linked to the company’s core competencies. Of course there are agencies and service providers who support the companies in the relevant processes, but which also involve costs other than just the technical infrastructure. In small and medium-sized companies in particular, there are two reasons to consider whether a service partner will be hired for this.

As a technical service provider, we say: Agencies make sense, but are not always necessary at all costs in order to successfully introduce an employee app in the company. Below we show the most important steps and considerations that are required for a successful launch of a mobile employee offering – compact and understandable.

  1. Goal setting & research
  2. Content strategy
  3. Workshop
  4. Prototyping
  5. Test phase
  6. Analysis & optimization
  7. Rollout

Goal setting & research

At the beginning of the process there is a key question: what do I want to achieve with my offer, what are my goals with the introduction of an employee app? Which employees do I want to provide with which content?
In addition, you should get an accurate picture of which communication channels may already exist, whether they will continue to be used, or whether they should be integrated into the employee app.

Content strategy

The success of an app offering to employees depends on the relevance of the content played in the app. Content of the app should be a good mix between the interesting information from everyday work, e.g. Winning orders, works council, occupational safety, but also emotional content such as the reports of the last company event, anniversaries, birthdays or something funny. Only those who pick up the employee emotionally will permanently bind him to the offer, because, in most cases, employee apps are voluntary, not mandatory offers.


Together with you we work out a target group, content strategy and content structure in a workshop. We check whether we can integrate existing offers into the app and take care of the standard setup of the app and its contents together with you for a successful test with a finished prototype.


We provide you with a finished app version. The app prototype is sold via our hockey MDM. Since only small, representative target groups are addressed for a test, it is not yet necessary to provide the prototype via the official AppStores from Apple and Google.

Test phase

In order to optimally align content strategy and workflows according to effectiveness and efficiency, a well-thought-out and planned test in a small, but representative group of testers for the use case and the future user group is required. The main goal of such tests should always be to gain experience. In order to collect sufficient knowledge, a test should usually take between 4 and 8 weeks – depending on the complexity of the case.

Analysis & optimization

With the help of our Analytics Dashboard, after the test, we can jointly evaluate whether the content strategy and the workflows in using the platform worked as planned. Together with the customer, we turn the right screws on the subject of content and also on the daily use of the platform.

Along with analyzing the test and evaluating it, the decision to launch the app also goes.

If the decision to introduce the platform is made, it is now time to plan the rollout for the entire target group – the employees.


Rolling out the app to the workforce is often a crucial point for the success of the offer, so there should be accompanying communication measures and onboarding support in addition to the classic invitation to the offer. Picking up the employee is the motto!

Of course, this is just a small outline of the most important steps on the way to the successful launch of an employee app offer. On the way there, of course, there are still a number of detailed questions, for which we are happy to help and advise.
At tchop, we offer interested companies the opportunity to test a look & feel app with the content relevant to you free of charge and without obligation and only then decide whether you would like to implement your employee offering with our framework.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!