5 Feature Highlights for the Second Half of 2021

Emoji Reactions in Chat

Chat enjoys great popularity in various customer and usage scenarios. And it’s obvious that users want to respond to other users’ messages with emojis – as they are used to doing in other chat apps. This feature will be rolled out to all apps before the end of the summer.

PDF Cards

We’ve completely redesigned how PDF documents are uploaded, managed, and displayed in the apps and dashboard. PDFs are now a map type in their own right, i.e. more flexible in terms of display and easier for users to use on the move. This makes it possible – for example, for print products such as newspapers and magazines – to integrate special reader modules that integrate the PDF in the sense of an ePaper very elegantly and with various added values in your own app.

Audio Rooms

Social audio hasn’t really only been a big topic since Clubhouse. But the app has certainly given it a worldwide breakthrough. In the meantime, it has become a learned format that can be used for a lot of things, both in internal communication and in the area of news and community. Not without reason, many journalists and communications professionals were early adopters at Clubhouse. The first version of our Audio Rooms is already in closed testing and if everything goes well, the rollout will take place after the summer.

New KPIs

We already offer a lot of exciting data on our dashboard that clearly shows the usage of the app based on various KPIs. In the near future, we will expand the dashboard to include special KPIs that aim to show engagement and user retention (i.e. how strongly users are tied to the app) with their own values. We will build on established principles of the so-called “Power User Curve” (more here).

Broadcast Chat

The 1:1 chat offers a wonderful opportunity to address and write to users individually, i.e. personally. Until now, this was unfortunately connected with quite a lot of manual effort. Therefore, we will introduce the possibility of a so-called “broadcast message” in the next few weeks. This allows administrators to write to all (or certain users) with a message. As with WhatsApp, each reply then becomes a 1:1 chat for the sender. The application possibilities for this are manifold and we are sure that there are hardly any limits to creativity here.