Roadmap 2020: what we planned in the first half of the year

We are continuously working on the improvement of existing functionalities and features as well as the introduction of new options that make the offer more exciting and interesting for users and more efficient and successful for editorial offices and customers.

The further development of our platform takes place in close coordination with our customers and their requirements. We are therefore happy to share specific considerations with regard to ongoing product development. Of course, the timings can always change for different reasons. This list is a good guide anyway. As always, if you have any questions or comments: contact us at any time!


Our live chat has proven itself as an exciting tool for the exchange between companies and employees as well as between editors and readers. Now we also start the second, essential tool for exchange: card-related comments! You determine what and where you can comment at any time. And also how this is shown in the news feed. Comments can be “liked” and users can respond to a comment in a targeted manner. This creates interesting discussions that can be moderated by the editors in a simple manner.

The user experience of the comments will be similar to that of well-known social media apps. I.e. Comments don’t just take place at the end of an article. They can be reached directly from the news feed and selected comments can even be displayed directly under the map (“featured”).

There will of course be more details, ideas and background information on the comments soon!

Timing: 1st quarter

Picture galleries

Images can already be integrated and managed in different ways. In the future, we will also integrate the option of creating picture galleries natively and making them consumable for users using a “swipe”. This principle has already been learned as a standard through the well-known social media apps and can also be implemented well as part of our card-based approach.

Timing: 1st quarter

Podcast integration

Podcasts are one of the biggest hype topics at the moment and podcasts can already be easily curated manually using the audio cards. It is obvious that with a podcast integration we also offer the possibility to import podcasts fully automatically. In this way, exciting mixes of podcasts on every context and topic can be easily and currently combined to form a complete offer.

Timing: sure in the 1st quarter

Newsletter integrations

We are currently in the planning phase for new standard integrations, which should facilitate the import of any newsletter content. This is a requirement that we always meet. After all, newsletters are a big trend topic and there are many exciting offers in the area. Often, however, it is also very useful for companies and publishers to simply integrate their own newsletter offer into their own mobile offer – without the technical need for IT integration.

Timing: anticipated 1st quarter

Push notifications

The activation of users via push notifications is a central topic in our view and an absolute USP native apps. There are already different ways to reach users with pushes. Quite simply as a push to all users of the app, to all users of a channel or even push in connection with chats (in chat groups or in 1: 1 chats).

We are currently planning the option of creating so-called “Push Topics” for individual channels or all users of the app in order to give users the option of simply subscribing to or managing individual Push Topics in the app (as well as in the menu). Users can use it to personalize pushes to suit their needs.

Timing: anticipated 2nd quarter

Expansion chats

At the moment we are in the planning phase for various features that make the exchange and discussion of content in chat groups or 1: 1 chats even easier and more efficient. In the sense of a content chat bot, content feeds can be integrated into any chat via integrations. In addition, there will soon be even easier ways to move and share content in the app between “mixes” and chats. We also plan functions in the sense of chat bots and central chat features such as broadcast messages to all users.

Timing: anticipated 2nd quarter

In-app messaging

We have always relied on Google’s Firebase platform and are therefore glad that Google has decided to expand it with the expanded integration of Analytics but also with more exciting features.

With so-called in-app messaging, users can be flexibly sent notifications even while they are actively using an app. This can be used for different purposes. In-app messaging is therefore a variant or addition to classic push notifications that are sent via Firebase Cloud Messaging.

Firebase can be used to link in-app messages with analytical data, so that messages based on profile data (such as language, app version or country), current behavior (purchases, visited screens, buttons clicked) or their predicted future behavior (engagement rate , Churn risk) can be sent.

Timing: anticipated 2nd quarter