It’s so easy to integrate newsletter content into your own app

Newsletters are becoming increasingly popular in both marketing and communication and publishing. As a message format, newsletters offer different advantages depending on the application. You establish a direct customer relationship via the user’s email, which is always the basis. The performance is easy to measure. You are independent of third parties or platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, because the email is open and neutral as a format.

In addition, newsletters can be wonderfully connected to other online channels and also tailored to individual target group segments, topics and objectives. For many companies and publishers, newsletters are an important source of reach and lead in times of weakening social media traffic. Newsletters are the ideal medium for customer care and communication, which can be easily adapted to individual needs.

Emails are also a simple and popular format as a means of internal communication with employees. It reaches employees where they can be found every day anyway: in their email inbox.

New quality newsletters

No wonder that no publisher, no association and no large company can do without their own newsletter. The simplicity of organizing a newsletter technically often leads to a whole range of offers: one newsletter in the morning and another in the afternoon. A newsletter on Friday as a summary at the end of the week etc.

In addition, there are a variety of industry-specific newsletters from bloggers in the area of ​​special interest. Much more exciting, partly exclusive and very high quality content is created here. New business models are being established that successfully rely on paid newsletters that are curated and disseminated by small teams or individuals. The Start Up Substack in the USA, which sees itself as a platform for paid newsletters, has just completed a large round of financing. If you consider the market development in the USA, it can be assumed that the quantity and quality of the reductive newsletter offer will continue to increase in the German-speaking countries.

The big challenge that arises from this is to keep an overview of the variety of offers and to use the relevant content efficiently for your own needs. As an email in the inbox of your own email program, the existing newsletter is often lost in the mass of emails. Finding them later is often difficult.

Integrate newsletter content into your own app

This is where tchop comes into play with a new integration. Our platform sees itself as a content curation platform, which enables all relevant content and sources to be easily bundled in a separate mobile app. Newsletters are becoming increasingly important as a content source for high-quality, exclusive industry news. So we thought it was a good idea to allow our customers to integrate newsletter content in any way they wanted.

The results and initial feedback are exciting. The integration can process content in different forms: as an image or text card or as a link. This can also be combined, for example. Links in particular, which are often only marked as hyperlinks in emails, can be integrated in the own app as a corresponding teaser with headline and intro text.

Newsletters can be included in their own separate mix so that they can be easily consumed at any time. Unlike in the email inbox, they are easy to find and are not lost. There is great added value, especially for newsletters that do not rely on fast news.

The necessary steps are very simple and can be implemented quickly with our support:

  1. Definition of the newsletter to be integrated
  2. Coordination of what content from where and how
  3. Coordination of where this content should be imported
  4. Here we go!

The specific integration depends on the structure of the respective newsletter. The adjustment is easy to do individually, so that a suitable solution has so far been found for every case.

Exciting use cases

The use cases for the integration of newsletter content are exciting and diverse. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Companies and publishers can integrate their own newsletter content into their news app without having to worry about an interface or technical integration behind it
  • Communication professionals can aggregate relevant industry newsletters, curate them there and then distribute the most important things to their colleagues – in their own app
  • Interesting links or content can be filtered, commented on and processed within the framework of your own content offering – newsletter content serves your own inspiration

The technical implementation is easy and quick. This way, newsletters can also be integrated into their own app for small teams, tested and then used in a targeted manner.

Talk to us at any time! We help you with the set-up or are happy to explain details.