Hola Fútbol Alemán – German soccer for the Spanish-speaking target group

At the beginning of September, we launched a new, exciting project from the sports communities sector on our platform: Fútbol Alemán. Under the name “El Fútbol”, Daniel Martinez has made it his mission to represent German soccer in South America and to serve the large market potential in the field of soccer (still precedes religion in South America) on the Latin American continent with a community and news app. No wonder: he was previously responsible for the Spanish-speaking market at the DFL for many years. So he knows his way around.

Bundesliga International

Fútbol Alemán provides fans of German soccer with the full range of information and news on the German teams, the competitions and the top players in the first and second Bundesliga. Whether it’s the latest news from the major sports portals, the social media channels of the players and clubs, the latest podcasts from the media or even live scores on match days, with Fútbol Alemán the Spanish-speaking fan is well informed. And as befits a proper community, fans can of course become active themselves and exchange information on various topics and comment on content in one of the numerous public chat groups. There is even a dedicated community feed where users can post their own experiences about being a fan. Just like in a classic mobile community.

Exciting mix of content and community

The app has a clear editorial structure. Users are guided to the various areas of the app via navigation:

  • Top 11 – where fans can always find the eleven “Top Reads” of the day, handpicked by the El Fútbol editorial team.
  • Secciones – themed sections on the most important clubs, the national team, competitions or even the new top talents in the German leagues
  • La Grada – a colorful mixture of contributions from news, social posts, podcasts… everything that the editors and users find good and upload here.
  • Charlas – in the chat area, users can find a variety of public chat groups to exchange with other fans
  • Perfil – in the profile, fans can write something about themselves in the classic way, enter their favorite clubs, and enter a location and contact details

Short promotion on our own behalf: Fútbol Alemán also successfully uses our new chat promo element and thus places the most exciting chat groups directly in the heart of the app – the newsfeed! If you want to get your readers (and thus interaction) into the public chat groups of your app, this is the way to go. More about this can be found here in the blog.

Community Building as Top Prio

At the start of the app, El Fútbol decided to forego advertising in order to build up its reach and to concentrate fully on the topic of “soccer in Germany” and to retain its users in the long term through high-quality, relevant content and exciting interaction and, ideally, to turn them into “heavy users”.

The 2021/22 Bundesliga season has just completed its first quarter, so the season is still young and there will still be plenty of exciting things to report until the titles are awarded next summer. From now on, South American soccer fans will always be well informed – thanks to Fútbol Alemán!

We are excited to see how the project of Daniel and his team will develop in the coming months! The first feedback from the community is more than encouraging. Our fingers are definitely crossed!

By the way, if you want to read more about it, you can find more information on the El Futbol website – in Spanish, of course.