13 signs that your intranet is no longer up to date

Do you have the feeling that your internal communication tool is no longer up to date? You’re not alone. Here are 13 signs that it might be time to think about upgrading your outdated system:

You’re not forward-thinking and flexible enough
Your current system can’t keep up with the demands of a growing business. It lacks modern design, reliable integration and access to innovations such as artificial intelligence.

Your tool is a hodgepodge of outdated information
Studies show that most internal communication tools become obsolete within a few years. The result: an expensive repository of documents where relevant information is hard to find.

They do not effectively reach employees who are not working at their desks
A large part of their workforce works without a fixed office workstation. Without a modern communication tool, these employees have no direct access to company news.

They use many separate tools without centralized access
The increasing complexity of the digital workplace leads to fragmentation. Employees feel overwhelmed by messages from different channels.
Due to the large number of different tools, access is often regulated differently and employees often have problems logging in.

You have problems promoting the corporate culture
Committed employees are crucial to the success of a company. But engagement with company culture is often weak, partly due to outdated communication tools.

You don’t have usable data to make important decisions
Without insight into the employee experience, it is difficult to improve it. Modern communication tools provide actionable data for continuous improvement.

You want personalized communication, but your tool doesn’t provide it
One-way communication is not enough to convey the company’s goals. Personalization is a key requirement for the contribution of internal communication to corporate goals in today’s world.

The search in your tool is inefficient
The multitude of tools makes searching for content time-consuming. A modern tool with a standardized search saves time and increases efficiency.

You send recurring messages manually
Repetitive tasks could be automated to save time and increase efficiency.

Your employer brand is not strengthened
A modern tool can be an important touchpoint for internal branding, which in turn increases employee engagement.

You are dependent on the IT department
Dependence on IT for simple changes in the tool can be time-consuming and frustrating. It is clear that IT systems often cannot be managed without IT, but modern tools can significantly reduce dependencies.

You flood employees with emails
E-mails are often not the most effective means of communication and could be supplemented by other tools, as a lot of information on different topics comes together in one inbox, meaning that individual topics can easily get lost.

Employees do not use the tool
Many employees are dissatisfied with the current tool and therefore do not use it. This in turn leads to a loss of information and often significantly slows down current and future projects.

What to do now? If these signs apply to your situation, it may be time to rethink and update your internal communication tool. Just get in touch with us.