Get off to a good and easy start with these 12 steps to Web3

Hardly any other topic keeps the tech world as busy at the moment as the new promises of the so-called Web3. In the context of several new customers, projects and ideas, we have been dealing with it ourselves for several months. For example, we are looking into the question of how we can enable users to access so-called Dapps in the app via certain integrations.

In many respects, this is still exploratory and “exploratory”. Nevertheless, the potential of new blockchain-based technologies can be glimpsed. This is not just about blockchain, but about everything that modern applications based on the Ethereum blockchain can do. This has made it possible for the first time to write software applications on the basis of a blockchain.

If you want to read a bit more about what the Web3 actually is, this list from t3n is recommended. If you want to know why there is a real need for a new, decentralized form of the Internet, you should read this article.

Innovation and research

The speed of innovation in the sector is gigantic and opens up new, exciting possibilities for users, brands and companies. Even if the technology is still in its early stages, it is worthwhile to engage with it at the most basic level as a user.

With the following 12 steps, you can take your own simple first steps. Neither complex technical expertise nor large financial resources are necessary. All it takes is a little curiosity and openness.

Let’s get started:
  1. The starting point for all Web3 activities is to set up your own “wallet”. This serves as an identity and wallet. It can be used to log into Web3 applications, receive or send money. The most popular Ethereum wallet is a browser extension that can be easily installed in the Chrome browser. It is called Meta Mask.
  2. You can get your own crypto domain on ENS domains or at Unstoppable Domains (just like in classic Web2).
  3. You should read the “Cyberspace Independence Declaration” here to better understand the philosophy behind it (see also here: @verses_xyz)
  4. With some money on your wallet you can easily buy your first NFT at Opensea, the leading marketplace for NFTs, and store it in your wallet.
  5. On BrightID you can confirm and secure your own Web3 identity
  6. At Rabbithole you can actually use new Web3 applications, learn and even earn coins yourself (!!!)
  7. There is of course not only Ethereum as a blockchain, but also other coins and blockchains, on Uniswap you can easily exchange your ETH into other currencies
  8. One of the most interesting start ups is Mirror! There you can – similar to a blogging platform – write and publish your first post. This offers various possibilities from crowdfunding to selling the article as NFT, individually or as part of an edition.
  9. Equipped with your own wallet, you should participate in a first DAO and try it out. It’s free. All it takes is a Discord account. A good media DAO is ForeFront (highly recommend their newsletter too!).
  10. Another possibility is Compound Finance; the idea: everyone can use complex tools to optimize his own interest even with little money – even if he is not a big bank or an investment banker.
  11. you can store your website or any other files forever decentralized on Arweave. The data is actually stored decentralized, i.e. there is no longer a central server from which it could be deleted or otherwise disappear.
  12. you can also earn money quickly and easily in Web3 – by doing tasks that others provide, an exciting platform for this is Layer3xyz.

The tools mentioned above are a good example of the new possibilities of Web3. Important: much is still in an early phase. Before spending a lot of money and time here, you can play around with small amounts and learn a better understanding. This is recommended to everyone.

Because there is a lot to be said for the fact that many of the technologies will continue to occupy us in the coming years and decades.

Have fun in Web3!